Languages Plus: Italian Plus Cooking

ITALIAN language courses in Calabria:

2 weeks - Standard Course including 20 lessons per week

Starting dates are possible all year long. Please consult us for the exact dates.
Price: 480EUR. The price includes: 2 week English standard course, accommodation in standard appartment, double room, educational material, placement test and end of course certificate.
Season Surcharges:
from 24. June 07 to 28. July 07 Mid Season: 50 EUR per person per week.
from 29. July 07 to 1. September 07 High Season: 100 EUR per person per week.
from 2. September 07 to 29. September 07 Mid Season: 50 EUR per person per week.


COOKING courses:

If you enjoy and have fun cooking then try cooking under the instruction of a professional cook in the home of a unique culture of eating - Italy!
In our cookery school "Arte Culinaria" in the heart of Calabria we offer all the ingredients for an excursion into the world of culinary pleasures.
This special type of school invites hobby cooks as well as beginners to refine their cooking skills and enjoy the creatively served results in a nice atmosphere.
In the cookery school we want to let you in on some of the professional cooks´ tips and tricks in a lovely atmosphere. Fun is never lacking here. We cater to your wishes on all cookery courses. For every delicious recipe you will receive all the information in a paper format as well.
You will cook together with our head chef, who introduces you to the small and large secrets of the art of cookery.
You can participate in the cookery courses without any knowledge of Italian. A delicious 4-course meal at the flick of a wrist, a surprise meal of homemade minestrone or crazy pasta dishes for the family - after a cookery course at the "Arte Culinaria" cookery school it should not be a problem.

In hardly any other European country is the culture of food as closely linked to the philosophy of life as in Italy. Mediterranean cooking is a symbol of Latin culture. In fact Italian cooking forms the basis for all other Western styles of cooking. Its founders, the ancient Romans, took a part of their culinary inspiration from Asia and Greece. At the same time they made the most of the ingredients and supplies from their own country. Thanks to this combination it was left up to Italy to teach France and other western cultures about good food. Even the Larousse Gastronomique, the Bible of French cooking, admits "that Italian cooking must be seen as the true source of all styles of cooking for all Western European countries."
The "poor people's cooking" of Southern Italy has created a blessing out of poverty and has convinced us of its greatness through the wonderful and fresh taste that the ingredients themselves possess. In comparison to French cooking it is, in this sense, much more solid and simple food.
The "Arte Culinaria" cookery school gives everyone the chance to refine their skills and to get interesting tips from a head chef.
Our course programme which changes weekly is divided into two levels: during the Settimana Base (basic week) there is a week long cookery course in which you learn different ways of preparing certain main dishes imperative to Italian cookery.
Themed Weeks: The second level gives you the chance to become a real expert in a specific field. This week can be added to the settimana base, or you can simply take part in just this intensive course week.

You can choose 4 different kinds of cookery-week: 1. BASIC WEEK - SETTIMANA BASE = 200 EUR
Starting dates: 1st, 15th, 29th of April, 13th & 27th of May, 10th, 24th of June, J8th, 22nd of July, 26th of August, 9th, 23rd of September, 7th, 21st of October, 4th of November.
1st. day: The world of the Antipasti
2nd. day: Classical Sauces
3rd. day: Home made noodles
4th. day: Vegetables and side dishes
5th. day: Fish and porc.

Starting dates: 8th of April, 6th of May, 17th of June, 29th of July, 16th of September 28th of October.
1st. day: Home made noodles (2. part) - e.g. Tortellini/ Ravioli, Fileja
2nd. day: Pasta al Forno - e.g. Conchiglioni ripieni con ricotta, Lasagne, Cannelloni
3rd. day: Pasta con pesce - Pasta with fish - e.g. Penne-Nudeln mit Meeresfrüchten, Spaghetti alla puttanesca
4th. day: Risotti - e.g. Risotto with mushrooms/ spinache, Risotto with shrimps
5th. day: Pasta & Verdure - e.g. Spaghetti with self-made Pesto, Pasta with pumpkin or aubergine

Starting dates: 22nd of April, 3rd of June, 15th of July, 30th of September.
1st. day: Grilled fish - e.g.: Grilled Tuna
2nd. day: Stewed Fisch
3rd. day: Frutti di mare - e.g.: filled Calamari
4th. day: Fried Fish
5th. day: Fish soup

Starting dates: 20th of May, 1st of July, 2nd of September, 14th of October
1st. day: Melanzane in mille modi - Aubergines in different ways
2nd. day: Filled vegetables
3rd. day: Savory apetizers
4th. day: Stuzzicchini - typical calbresian
5th. day: Minestrone

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