Languages Plus: Italian Plus Diving

ITALIAN language courses in Calabria:

2 weeks - Standard Course including 20 lessons per week

Starting dates are possible all year long. Please consult us for the exact dates.
Price: 480EUR. The price includes: 2 week English standard course, accommodation in standard appartment, double room, educational material, placement test and end of course certificate.
Season Surcharges:
from 24. June 07 to 28. July 07 Mid Season: 50 EUR per person per week.
from 29. July 07 to 1. September 07 High Season: 100 EUR per person per week.
from 2. September 07 to 29. September 07 Mid Season: 50 EUR per person per week.



For all those who love the world of diving or who would like to get to know it, Calabria offers one of the best diving areas in the Italian Mediterranean. This is mainly due to the geological characteristics typical of the diving areas south of Tropea. These regions offer conditions that can be found hardly anywhere else in the Mediterranean. Many of the rocky reefs and the underwater peaks around Capo Vaticano hide such a variety of life that we are reminded of the Mediterranean's nature of bygone times. Of special interest is the octopus nursery at Vador and the richness of primitive life and crustaceans at Formicoli.
The temperatures are very pleasant all year round, even in October.
Right off the Cape one of the most beautiful diving areas is waiting for you: Mantineo. It is here that you find a rock covered in rich vegetation with overhangs and lots of little caves. One of these is a 4 cubic metre hollow with stalactites which you can dive into. As well as the large number of scorpion fish you see in this natural aquarium, you are also guaranteed to see octopuses, dusky groupers and moray eels. Sometimes you can even see flounder in the surrounding sandy sea-beds.
With boat rides of between ten and thirty minutes you will reach many more impressive diving areas. Off the Bay of Santa Maria is the Scoglio della Galea which is a reef covered in colourful red sponges. Because of the currents which are often strong in this area the water is always very clear. Visibility in the whole area in normal water is mostly about 30 metres; we can thank the depth of the sea-bed for this.
Please note:
All big diving schools stipulate that you must have at least one day between the last dive and your flight home so that the nitrogen that builds up in your blood while scuba-diving has time to dissipate completely. In this way you avoid any dangers to your health.

The Diving School:
Together with our partner, the Torre Ruffa Diving Club, we have many different diving courses on offer. Beside the PADI Open Water Course and the PADI Advanced Open Water Course there is also a taster course and a "Bubblemaker" in our programme and these allow adults and children to enter the fantastic underwater world. Of course single dives and diving packets can also be booked.
The diving school is located in the new marina in Tropea, right opposite the Hotels La Pineta. The school prides itself on high safety standards and quality, with a professional team of reliable diving instructors and dive masters with years of experience. Aside from modern equipment, the customers can have English, German or Italian instruction and within a few days will be able to move confidently through the exciting underwater world.

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving programme is a taster course and an ideal introduction to the world of diving. In one day you will have four lessons of professional instruction and lots of fun during your first, fascinating diving experience. The first breath underwater, the weightlessness, the wonderful colours of the underwater world - you will be amazed!
Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate which qualifies you as a Discover Scuba Diver and allows you to continue your diving career and participate in many different courses. The next step in your training would be the PADI Scuba Diver Course or the PADI Open Water Course.

For all those who have little time or do not wish to take part in a whole diving course, there is a quick and simple solution. The PADI Scuba Diver is a pre-beginner course which is an established diving brevet and is a simplified version of the PADI Open Water Course, still allowing you to become breveted, and thus become a licensed diver in the shortest time possible. The PADI Scuba Diver brevet means that while under the supervision of a dive master, assistant instructors or diving professionals with higher training qualifications you will be able to go diving on your next holiday. This course is twelve lessons spread over three days.

PADI OPEN WATER COURSE: This course is the basic training for independent diving. During the training for this Open Water Diver we will increase your basic knowledge over five days (about 4 hours per day) and in competent company you can feel your way step by step through the underwater world. After completion of the PADI Open Water Course you are then allowed to complete various specialist courses and allowed to go diving without a diving instructor or dive master, but always with a dive partner.

PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER COURSE: This course builds on the classic beginners' course, the PADI Open Water Diver. Over four days and a total of sixteen hours you learn additional skills and gain more experience, which is why the course makes the practice dives in different specialist areas, for example wreck dives, night diving or deep-sea diving. After successful completion of this course you will be an experienced diver able to dive in the waters of this world and the doors are open to you to undertake PADI specialist courses.

Courses Price per person : Padi Discover Scuba Course 96 EUR
Padi Scuba Diver Course 256 EUR
Padi Open Water Course 363 EUR
Padi Advanced Open Water Course 310 EUR
KIT= Logbook, Diver´s Manual and teaching video included on loan with the course, otherwise available for 35 EUR.
All courses include: equipment, dive boat, certificate and qualified diving instructor.
The duration of all courses includes the theoretical lessons, the transfers to the dive area and the dives themselves. Children over the age of 8 can take part in the Discover Scuba Course. Timetable and order of the dive course may be restricted by weather conditions.

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