Languages Plus: Italian Plus Catamaran - Sailing

ITALIAN language courses in Calabria:

2 weeks - Standard Course including 20 lessons per week

Starting dates are possible all year long. Please consult us for the exact dates.
Price: 480EUR. The price includes: 2 week English standard course, accommodation in standard appartment, double room, educational material, placement test and end of course certificate.
Season Surcharges:
from 24. June 07 to 28. July 07 Mid Season: 50 EUR per person per week.
from 29. July 07 to 1. September 07 High Season: 100 EUR per person per week.
from 2. September 07 to 29. September 07 Mid Season: 50 EUR per person per week.



We offer courses which include catamaran-sailing for beginners as well as for advanced students. Children's courses and sailing cruises round off their programme.
Courses are offered in Italian, and alternatively in German, English, and French, and aim to teach, in an interesting and informative way, all the manoeuvres necessary for sailing.
Sailing training takes place on Hobie Cats 13 to 16 and all necessary equipment, such as wetsuits, life-jackets and trapeze trousers, is available.

Cat-Taster lessons:
If you are curious you can have a two hour taster lesson with a professional sailor to find out more about Catamaran sailing.

Beginners Cat Course - "Learner":
For land babies without any sailing or windsurfing experience we offer a beginner's course which gives you an introduction to the basics of sailing and the special Cat technique for light winds. Participants learn all the basic rules of sailing in a total of six lessons over three days.

Advanced Cat Course:
This course is an ideal continuation after completion of the basic course or for guests with dinghy sailing or windsurfing experience. Here, advanced Cat techniques, manoeuvre training and harness sailing are all practiced in mid strength winds in 8 lessons over 4 days.

Cat-Perfection Course "Specialist":
Experienced sailors and true sportsmen can let off steam on this pro course. With trained specialist leaders different manoeuvres such as capsizing, double trapeze, Trim and Genacker sailing, will be practiced in a total of 5 lessons over two days on a Hobie-Cat 16 in strong winds.

type of course prices per person:
CAT - taster lesson 63 EUR
CAT - beginners course "Learner" 151 EUR
CAT - course "Advanced" 238 EUR
CAT - perfection course "Specialist" 131 EUR
Included in all sailing courses: loan equipment, schooling material, qualified sailing (or windsurfing) teacher. Please note that the itinerary and contents of a course may be altered due to weather conditions.

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