Languages Plus: Spanish Plus Diving

SPANISH language courses in Cuba:

Whether you are a complete beginner or simply wish to brush up on your Spanish, a Standard Spanish Language Course at our partner school, Sprachcaffe/Language PLUS in Havana is bound to meet your requirements. Minimum 2 weeks - Standard Course including 20 lessons per week.
This is the perfect compromise between learning the language and enjoying your free time. Four daily lessons guarantee effective learning, while the morning or afternoon remains free for extra-curricular activities.
Starting dates are possible all year long. Please consult us for the exact dates.
Price: 572 USD. The price includes: 2 week Spanish standard course, accommodation in guest house, double room, educational material, placement test and end of course certificate. Only the course costs 264 USD.

DIVING courses in Havana:

Cuba is often compared to the Cayman Islands as they used to be 20 years ago. It has recently become a favorite diving region for many tourists from all over the world. With water temperatures between 26 to 29°C, it has an intense coral growth, hundreds of small bays and islands and numerous world-class diving sites. Cuba has become a synonym for exciting, colorful and challenging diving. The underwater world offers spectacular views of sunken Spanish galleons and modern submarines. Tortoises, sharks, rays, barracudas, perch, jack fish, parrot fish, snails, starfish, trigger fish and many other species can be found in Cuban marine life. The visibility usually lies between 15 to 35 meters, so you can see everything very clearly.
Because Cuba is such an attractive place for diving, the number of tourists is increasing and more diving organizers offer their services. Almost all resorts offer diving programs, which include courses for beginners and the possibility to obtain a course certificate. The equipment is usually of a high standard, but you can also bring your own equipment.
Dive into Cuba's dazzling underwater world.

All main diving organizers strongly suggest, that your last dive should be at least one day prior to the flight home, so that the nitrogen in your body can reduce to the normal level. Thus the risk to your health is minimalized.
A medical certificate must be obtained before diving. A medical examination can be organized if needed.
Our diving courses and diving packages can be combined with other components.


Open Water Course: This course is suitable for complete beginners. Under the supervision of highly qualified diving instructors you will learn the basics of Scuba diving. Initial training in the swimming pool will help you to make your first steps in this new world. After this you will be ready for diving in the open sea under the supervision of a Dive Master.
In the Open Water Course you will discover the dazzling underwater world of this Caribbean island. Cuba is renowned for its crystal-clear water that enables you to find your bearings easily.

Advanced Open Water Course: This course is suitable for those who have completed the Open Water Course already. Under supervision of a highly qualified diving instructor you will improve your Scuba diving skills. You will be taken into the open sea off Cuba. In the Advanced Open Water Course you will also discover the fascinating underwater world of Cuba. The crystal-clear water provides good visibility, even at high depths.

Special Courses
We also offer specialized courses dedicated to different aspects of diving, for example, a stress and rescue course. Completing this course is another step towards becoming a Dive Master.

Master Diving Courses
If you have already done a substantial amount of diving and have completed some specialized courses, you can be certified as a Dive Master.
Naturally you will also be exploring Cuba's underwater world during this course. Our Dive Instructors will conscientiously prepare you for this exam.

Diving Packages
For the certified divers we offer diving packages with varying number of diving sessions. Our experienced diving instructors will supervise you during your exciting journey into the transparent depths of the Caribbean sea.
Services included: equipment for use , qualified diving instructor, and all necessary transfers.
Low Season: 01.11. - 21.12.06, 16.03. - 30.04.07
High Season: 22.12.06 - 15.03.07

Open Water Diving Course: 4 pool dives, 4 open water dives, theory lessons - 385 EUR (low season), 385 EUR (high season)
Introduction Course 1: theory lessons, 1 pool dive - 41 EUR (low season), 52 EUR (high season)
Introduction Course 2: theory lessons, 2 pool dives - 52 EUR (low season), 66 EUR (high season)
Stress- and Rescue Course: 3 pool dives, 4 open water dives, 3 theory lessons - 154 EUR (low season), 195 EUR (high season)

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