Languages Plus: Spanish Plus Dancing

SPANISH language courses in Cuba:

Whether you are a complete beginner or simply wish to brush up on your Spanish, a Standard Spanish Language Course at our partner school, Sprachcaffe/Language PLUS in Havana is bound to meet your requirements. Minimum 2 weeks - Standard Course including 20 lessons per week.
This is the perfect compromise between learning the language and enjoying your free time. Four daily lessons guarantee effective learning, while the morning or afternoon remains free for extra-curricular activities.
Starting dates are possible all year long. Please consult us for the exact dates.
Price: 572 USD. The price includes: 2 week Spanish standard course, accommodation in guest house, double room, educational material, placement test and end of course certificate. Only the course costs 264 USD.

DANCING courses in Havana:

You have the chance of learning and practising Salsa and Reggaeton. Relax while dancing in the most beautiful country of the Caribbean, Cuba! All of these dances have a special, social and cultural meaning for the people in Cuba. For the Cubans, music and dancing are very important symbols and tought them they way to show their special way of life.

The word SALSA is derived from the Spanish word for sauce and refers to a type of music from Latin America and also a dance style... It is more than only a mixture of Caribbean rhythms and musical style. It is more complex than the Mambo or the Cuban Son and was originated in New York's Latin quarter called "El Barrio", in the 60´s. The Latin people who lived there, especially form the Caribbean, began mixing different styles of music and dance with the cultural assets of their homelands. This is how this "salsa" later appeared in America and then throughout the rest of the world.
Salsa is an exciting and extreme mix of music. The new types of Salsa that have emerged are Salsa-Rap, Techno-merengue and Reggaeton.

REGGAETON is a very hot Latin music mix, with a lot of passion wich appeared on the Caribbean islands. It can also be identified as a mix of reggae, Jamaican dance, American hip-hop and bachata.
After being very famous in Puerto Rico, it expanded to the discos and clubs in the United States and Europe.
It is the ideal dance for parties, hot summer nights, and fans of Latin music. Sometimes it is similar to the famous film "Dirty Dancing", but with more Caribbean style.
The lyrics are mostly in Spanish. With the Reggaeton made in Cuba, the lyrics tell about politics and the country´s society. The musical instruments used for this kind of music are simple, thus obtaining an exotic combination.

Raggaeton course in Havana - prices in EUR
1 week Raggaeton course = 90 EUR. It includes: 1 dancing lesson (60 min) each day , 5 days/week, private teacher, personal dancing partner, certificate of participation.

Salsa course in Havana - prices in EUR
1 WEEK SALSA COURSE = 132 EUR. It includes: 2 lessons/day (45 min. each of them), 5 days/week , private teacher, personal dancing partner , certificate of participation.
Note: classes go from Monday to Friday , flexible timetables, but normally in the afternoons. Additional single dancing lessons can be booked.
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