Languages Plus: Portuguese Plus Dancing

PORTUGUESE language courses in Salvador da Bahia:

Whether you are a complete beginner or simply wish to brush up on your Portuguese, a Standard Language Course at our partner school, Sprachcaffe/Language PLUS in Salvador da Bahia is bound to meet your requirements. Minimum 2 weeks - Standard Course including 20 lessons per week.
This is the perfect compromise between learning the language and enjoying your free time. Four daily lessons guarantee effective learning, while the morning or afternoon remains free for extra-curricular activities.
Starting dates are possible all year long. Please consult us for the exact dates.
Price: 490 USD. The price includes: 2 week Portuguese standard course, accommodation in host family or standard appartment, double room, educational materials on loan, placement test and end of course certificate. Only the course costs 300 USD.
Season Surcharges:
from 7. January 07 to 14. April 07 Mid Season: 35 USD per person per week.
from 7. January 07 to 10. February 07 Mid Season: 35 USD per person per week.
from 11. February 07 to 24. February 07 High Season: 125 USD per person per week.
from 25. February 07 to 14. April 07 Mid Season: 35 USD per person per week.
from 1. July 07 to 25. August 07 Mid Season: 35 USD per person per week.
from 23. December 07 to 29. March 08 Mid Season: 35 USD per person per week.

DANCING/ CAPOEIRA / PERCUSSION courses in Salvador da Bahia:

Our new language school in Salvador da Bahia gives you a chance to book some additional courses apart from your language course. Dance and Capoeira Courses, or Percussion Courses will help you learn first-hand and get closer to traditional Brazilian culture and art. The Percussion beats serve as a foundation to all main music genres and dance moves of South America and Brazil, and it is impossible to imagine a typical carnival or a street party without this important and specific sound of Brazil. Percussion Courses are held within our language school where you will be able to practice and learn new beats daily.
Salsa Dance Courses are thought by professional and qualified dance instructors, and you will have your own dance partner, so that just after few dance lessons, you too can join in many dance street parties in Salvador da Bahia!
Capoeira Course involves learning to master a traditional and most popular martial art in Brazil, whose combat movements combine elegant dance movements and fighting technique of former African slaves.
Percussion: USD100 = per week.
Dance: USD 100 = per week.
Capoeira Courses: USD 100 = per week.

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