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Have fun and meet new friends at Languages.luHave fun and meet new friends at

Language lessons and comprehensive, and use numerous different actives to engage the studentsLanguage lessons and comprehensive, and use numerous different actives to engage the students

Proud participants of our school holiday campsProud participants of our school holiday camps

Languages + Activities, during all school holidaysLanguages + Activities, during all school holidays

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Language Courses for Kids




  • Your children will be taken care of as if they were ours: they will be playing, laughing, learning and having fun in a warm and international environment,
  • A fantastic location, less than 15 minutes walking from Luxembourg’s city centre, less than 100 meters from the very beautiful Park of Merl, and surrounded by green and welcoming gardens,
  • A modern, dynamic and efficient pedagogy,
  • An international reputation: every year we welcome children of more than 15 different nationalities.

Bonjour! Gutten Tag! Hello!

Learning a language – unlike many other subjects our children study during the school years – can always be a fun process and a source of great satisfaction – for both juniors and parents – due to its practicability that can be tested in so many different circumstances.

At, the language programmes for kids were conceived for my nephew, Alex, who used to spend all summer holidays in Luxembourg with me. I absolutely wanted Alex to improve his language skills by playing and having fun with other kids, because I was convinced that this would be a great strength for his future. Meanwhile it was a fantastic way for him to spend the school holidays, make new friends and have fun...

Today, Alex is more than 20 years old and he sometimes still participates in the language programmes during the summer holidays... however, not as a student because he is perfectly fluent in English and French, but as a team leader in charge of supervising the children and assisting the teachers. 

If you look at the main aims of our language programmesyou will notice that they haven't changed much since they were built around Alex's needs and expectations:

  • Learning and practicing a new language in a multilingual, multicultural and friendly environment,
  • Enabling kids to build social relationships and make new friends from different countries and cultures,
  • Discovering the practical side of the language in a context of genuine communication, without the pressure of school grades and helping kids to communicate better.,
  • Motivating kids, helping them gain self confidence and giving them support in the right scholastic direction. 

If you are interested in investing in your children’s future by providing them with a total immersion experience in French, German or English, in Luxembourg is the perfect choice because

we take care of your children as if they were ours!

I look forward to personally welcoming you to our school!

Daniela Clara Moraru,

Founder & Director.


Our methodology

Over the years has been building its reputation with an innovative and unique approach to teaching.

The emphasis is based on natural and spontaneous communication which helps the juniors:

-          on one side, acquire and revise vocabulary and grammar, improve their oral expression and interaction, and

-          on the other side, practice the language through creative, musical and cultural activities, which are adapted to and incorporate the students’ passions and interests.

Although it appears to be a contradiction to the development in recent years of the means of communication, our children now have less time and less opportunities to play and communicate with each other. This situation has been created with an increasing burden of homework, more time spent in front of their TV, computer or play-station. Our generation of children devotes less and less time to each other, and this means that sometimes they don't develop some of the fundamental communication skills.

Thanks to our language courses, your children have the opportunity to meet and interact with other children from different countries and cultures, they have fun together while learning, practicing a foreign language and developing their communication skills.

In addition, all our language programmes are developed with the greatest attention to the prerequisites outlined by the European Common Reference Framework for Languages.

Our Language CAMPS

During all school holidays - From 6 to 18 years old

Our camps are conceived to allow the juniors to discover the practical side of the language, to help them gain confidence in themselves and to communicate better, to make new friends and have a great fun during the school holidays.  

The discovery of the language is made through activities that are fun, interesting, educational and practical, and which are adapted to the group’s age and language level.

We do not recreate the stressful and competitive school environment, but rather allow the juniors to advance at their own pace.

The activities might include cooking activities to learn the fruits and vegetables vocabulary and to introduce international recipes from each other's country, different handicrafts such as mask, jewellery and origami creation. Children can learn about the 7 wonders of the world, role play birthday parties, write and act out short plays or soap-opera episodes, watch and comment on suitable movies. Teenagers could learn and debate about leadership, cultural resemblances and differences, importance of self confidence, play outdoor games that encourage both the team spirit and communication skills in the acquired language…

Our camps are offered during all school holidays in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium:
-          carnival
-          Easter
-          Pentecost
-          Summer holidays (from mid June to mid September),
-          All Saints, and
-          Christmas.
N.B. Please note that the camps are not the equivalent of school tutoring. Our camps are focused on oral communication, in order to allow all participants to express themselves and gain confidence. Should your children have specific problems in school, we recommend that you register them in our school tutoring programme, either in group or individual.
Part time programme: From 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 
Starting dates: every Monday during all school holidays
Languages: FR, EN, GE
Price /week/ participant:    
1 week - 15 hrs of practice - €300   
2 weeks - 30 hrs of practice - €575  
The price includes the language instruction, the teaching material, the activities as described, the supervision of the children, the end-of-course certificate, the 15% VAT, as well as drinks and a snack in the morning. 
Full time programme: From 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Starting dates: every Monday during all school holidays
Languages: FR, EN, GE
Price / week / participant   
1 week - 40 hrs supervision with 35 hrs of practice - €575  
The price includes the language instruction, the teaching material, the activities as described, the supervision of the children, the end-of-course certificate, the 15% VAT, as well as drinks and a snack in the morning. It does not include the lunch pack, which should be provided by parents.
There is 1 hour lunch break at 12.00. Weather allowing, the lunch break for which the children must bring their own food and drinks, is held in the nearby Parc de Merl in the form of a picnic.
A reduction of 25 EUR / child is offered for the registration in a second full time camp by the same participant or by 2 siblings, if the registration and the payment for the full time camps are made at the same time.
Courses - School tutoring
Should your child / children have specific needs and problems with languages, we recommend  the school tutoring programme, either individual or in a small group of 4-6 participants. 
School tutoring during the school holidays
Package of 2 h / day (in the afternoon) x 5 days x 1 week
205 €
School tutoring during the school year
Package of 1 session of 1,5 h / week x 10 weeks
This programme takes place on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon from 3.00 to 4.30 p.m., and on Saturday morning from 10.30 to 12.00
307,5 €
Individual courses and school tutoring
Package of 20 h as follows: 
1 first session of 2 h / week and then 2 sessions of 1.50 h / week 
At 968 €
At your home: 1068 €
Package of 10 h 
With total flexibility to choose the schedule and frequency of the courses
At 670 €
At your home: 739 €
1 h of individual tuition
No number of hours imposed
With total flexibility to choose the schedule and frequency of the courses
Monthly payment depending on the total number of hours taken. 
For new clients, an advanced payment for the first month will be requested.
At 76 € / h
At your home: 82 € / h
Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Inès Chrétien,
either by e-mail at or by phone on +352 26 47 85 03.


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