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Why should a student stay with a host family ?

Intensive, total immersion programmes are founded on the belief that a more profound knowledge of other societies and cultures help to build stronger relationships between countries, governments, and people. The Summer Intensive programmes provide an opportunity for adult visitors from foreign countries to participate directly in typical Luxembourgish daily life. Moreover, a home stay is a wonderful way for students to improve their French, Luxembourgish, or German - all while learning more about Luxembourg's special culture and meeting wonderful new people. With, the home stay experience has so much to offer to both the host and the student. By helping to provide an international student with intensive classes of French, German, and Luxembourgish and a safe and comfortable place to live is a unique opportunity for you to learn about different people and cultures from around the world.

Who are our students?

  • Men and women over 18 years old (usually middle-age professionals), coming from countries from all over the world
  • Courses run over summer, students would arrive between June and September, and stay a minimum of 1 week but possibly up to 12
  • Our students are eager to experience life in Luxembourg while sharing your culture with the locals
  • students are well-screened by our company and fully insured during their stay
  • The students attend our intensive summer courses of French, Luxembourgish or German (and will have varying levels or ability's)
  • Why do students come to study in Luxembourg ?

Most students choose Luxembourg for its multicultural aspect – it’s a veritable melting pot with many different cultures and nationalities within a small and thriving country (Luxembourgish, German and French are official languages here).

It is also at the heart of several European institutions. Now, more than ever, international students want to understand and experience these principles for themselves so that they too, can make a difference in the future as citizens of Europe.

Many international companies consider it is a priority to expose their employees to other cultures and lifestyles, in order to become truly global citizens.

Speaking French, German or English is essential in today's Europe, and they are important international business languages.
Should we become a host family ?

Host families are as diverse as Luxembourg itself; they come from all nationalities and religious backgrounds. Just as there is no typical Luxembourg family, there is no typical host family. Previous host families include retirees, parents with children, single parents and young couples. Any family at all that is able to give an international student a good home. Just like the students, host families come from many walks of life and represent different generations, but they all have an interest in learning more about the world and about themselves.

What are you expected provide as a host family ?

  • Offer a French, German, English or Luxembourgish speaking environment.
  • Provide a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment for the student to live and study.
  • Have the desire to share your time and interests with an international student
  • Provide the student with a private room in the home, furnished with a bed, dresser, study desk or table with chair and closet space.
  • You must be able to provide accommodation from Sundays at noon until the next Saturday until noon.
  • A commute of no more than 45 minutes either to or from the's campus (in Luxembourg - Merl) is required
  • As arranged with the student, you will be required to provide either bed and breakfast or half-board (you can expect the student to join you punctually for meals at fixed times).
  • Host families are paid for the lodging of students by on a weekly or monthly basis. The accommodation fees include (as a rule) the provision of bed linen as well as the cleaning of the room at the end of the stay. Students should be able to use washing machines and dryers against payment. If cooking facilities are available, students are to be provided with kitchenware, china, cutlery and glasses.

How to apply ?

  • We would like to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a host family.

You can get in touch with us by calling + 352 26 47 85 03 or +352 621 775122. Ask to speak to one of our staff members about the opportunities of hosting an international student! You can also contact us by e-mail at:



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